Law Enforcement/Military (Multi-Purpose Canine) Handler Course

The Multi-Purpose Canine (MPC) takes the Dual-Purpose Patrol Canine (K-9) or Military Working Dog (MWD) one step further and is trained in apprehension/controlled aggression, tracking/trailing, and detection (narcotics or explosives). The MPC Handler Course is designed to provide Law Enforcement or Military Canine Handlers with the necessary knowledge for article searching, tracking-trailing, and the discipline that accompanies controlled aggression in order to effectively deploy a fully-trained working canine.

Objective: Upon completion of the 6 week course, students will leave with knowledge in traits of working canine, how to utilize the traits to obtain maximum performance, and demonstrate proficiency in all areas of training.

The course content covers the following areas:

Traits of a working canine:
• Desire to work
• Courage
• Intelligence
• Trainability
• General behavior
• Protective instinct
• Prey drive
• Fight drive
• Hunt drive
• Defense drive
• Possessiveness of reward
• Ability to use its olfactory senses

Areas of training:
• Obedience
• Detection
• Article search
• Apprehension/Controlled Aggression
• Building search
• Area search
• Tracking/Trailing

2019 MPC NARCOTICS Courses

**6 week courses (breaks every 2 weeks)**

August 19 – September 27

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October 14 – November 22
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**6 week course (breaks every 2 weeks)**

June 24 – August 2

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