Does K2 provide dog obedience training for the general public?
Not currently, but please contact us for more information regarding future training
Does K2 provide Law Enforcement Handler Courses?
Yes please click here for more information
I'm a Service Member looking for the canine I deployed/served with, does K2 have any information?
Unfortunately, K2 does not have this information and is unable to help you directly. All of the dogs in the IDD Program belonged to the Marine Corps. Because of this, the Marine Corps handled and approved all of the adoptions. Marine Dog Handlers looking for more information about a certain dog should contact SYSCOM: SAICiddadoptions@saic.com

All of the dogs in the TEDD Program belonged to the Army.  Because of this, the Army OPMG handled and approved all of the adoptions. TEDD Handlers looking for more information about a certain dog should contact OPMG: usarmy.pentagon.hqda-pmg.list.npe-mgt@mail.mil

How long does it take to train your dogs?
It takes approximately 3 months to train a Multi-Purpose Canine in obedience, agility, detection, apprehension, building search, article search, and area search.
It takes 3 to 24 months to train an Emotional Support, Service, or Therapy Dog.
Do you train the dogs at your facility?
Training takes place at our facility and at a variety of off-site locations to expose the dogs to “real-world” environments and situations.
Most of our Multi-Purpose Canine training takes place off-site.
Our Service dogs are trained on task and basic obedience at our Canine Training Center and then their socialization training is conducted in public and private home settings.
What breeds do you use the most and why?
We use traditional working dog breeds-German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers because of their high food drive, excellent problem solving skills and desire to work well with people.
Where is your facility located?
Our Training Center is located in Jackson Springs, North Carolina. Our 125-acre property includes areas that facilitate multiple training scenarios for hunt and field instruction, detection and more.  Varied terrain found across 55 satellite training venues, provides important opportunities for canines to learn to adapt and gain confidence in unfamiliar situations and environments.  We enjoy broad support from local businesses, municipalities, and landowners across three counties.
Can you come to my place of business and provide training?
Yes, please contact us for more information about this service.
How many dogs do you have in training?
This depends on the requirements of our customers.  Our training center can house over 300 dogs at one time.
How much do your dogs cost?
The price of a dog depends on a number of factors, from the level of training the dog has received to the dogs’s age and individual ability level. Please contact our Commercial Sales department for more information about available canines.
Do you take the dogs home at night?
Yes, our Service Dogs in training are fostered by volunteers in traditional home settings. Our working dogs in training are kept at our training center and cared for 24/7 by our professional canine center staff.

What certifications do your handlers have?
Our Handlers have different certifications depending upon their training speciality area.  Our Multi-Purpose Canine Handlers have NAPWDA and/or IPWDA certifications.