Canine Cargo Screening Solutions


K2 Solutions, Inc., a CERTIFIED CARGO SCREENING FACILITY-CANINE (CCSF-K9) delivers advanced air cargo screening solutions which have been SAFETY Act Designated. K2 combines powerful, market-leading traditional explosives detection capabilities that are third-party certified through the International Police Work Dog Association and TSA-APPROVED CERTIFIERS. We provide comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that will increase screening efficiencies for direct and indirect air carriers, freight forwarders and integrators.

          • Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Solutions

          • TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility

          • SAFETY Act Designated

          • Third-Party Certified through IPWDA



K2 has been awarded the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act Designation for Single Purpose Explosives Detection Canine Handler Teams. The SAFETY Act Designation demonstrates K2’s continued commitment to providing cargo-screening solutions for airlines, freight forwarders, and other logistics companies within the supply chain. K2 Single-Purpose Canines are trained to detect bulk and trace amounts of 22 different explosives odors. They are environmentally sound and work to source with intense focus. K2 canines can screen skids (pallets) more effectively, reliably, and more quickly than traditional Person-Borne™ Advantages. Developed and tested with top universities. Teams are independently third-party certified. Canines must also work both on-and-off leash. Canines maintain the Single-Purpose (traditional) explosives detection capability for static items. Typically a Labrador or Sporting Breed acclimated to social environments. Imprinted on homemade explosives (HME) and traditional explosives methods to reduce the number of man-hours and resources needed under the current requirements.  

Visit DHS SAFETY Act page here

Single-Purpose Narcotics Detection Canine
  • Reliable, cost-effective way to ensure a drug-free workplace, school zone or private residence
  • Discreet and efficient narcotics detection services will reduce drug-related loss of productivity as well as improve the health and safety of any facility
  • Trained to detect bulk and trace narcotic substances
  • Ensure the integrity of evidence by giving a passive indication when a narcotic odor has been detected
Single-Purpose Explosives Dog
  • All explosives detection canines are trained to detect bulk and trace amounts of 22 different explosives odors
  • All explosives detection canines are environmentally strong to ensure the can work in any environment
  • Our explosives detection canines have an impeccable track record around the globe
  • All canines work to source with intense focus
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