Multi-Purpose Canines: Law Enforcement/Military


Our Multi-Purpose Canines (MPC) will enhance any Law Enforcement Department or Military Unit. Our version of the Law Enforcement Patrol Dog (K-9) or Military Working Dog (MWD) goes beyond the Dual-Purpose capability with Tracking/Trailing, Detection, and Apprehension/Controlled Aggression.

All canines that enter into the MPC program undergo a rigorous medical procurement process by our full-time Military Working Dog (MWD) Veterinarian Staff. All canines are provided a full physical examination, undergo extensive laboratory and genetic screening tests, and have OFA standard radiographs taken of their hips, elbows and spine. Emphasis is placed on mobility, gait, conformation and overall health when medically accepting a canine athlete into the MPC program. In addition, MPCs are put through various environmental tests to ensure that they are socially and environmentally sound.

K2 MPCs are trained to industry standards in the following capability areas:

  • Tracking and Trailing
  • Obedience
  • Apprehension/Controlled Aggression
  • Article/Evidence Search
  • Building/Area Search
  • Agility
  • Detection in Narcotics or Explosives


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