School Security

K2-12-085 Canine Demo-Elks-037

K2’s School Security Canines help protect school districts against weapons, illegal drugs and explosives. K2 School Security Canines are able to search every person who enters the designated “school zone”, including every vehicle in the parking lot- without disrupting the school day.  K2 Canine focuses on school safety and security so your kids can focus on their education.

Advantages and Opportunities:
• Stand-Off and Person-Borne Detection Dogs available
• Subscription Service provides coverage to entire school districts without the huge price tag
• Certified professional canine handlers deploy with certified detection dogs
• Canine Handler instruction and School Security Canines are available for purchase from K2 Canine should your school decide to have a canine team on site on a daily basis.

Handler Courses Available Hire a K2 Event Security Canine