Person-Borne Explosive Detection Dog

PB-EDD at work at Churchill Downs - Kentucky Derby 2013

Person-Borne™ Explosive Detection Dogs (PB-EDD)
can scan up to 150 people per minute to locate narcotics, weapons, or explosives. A seemingly imperceptible target odor response and on-leash control make the PB-EDD everything law enforcement and security personnel need to effectively search crowded events, transportation hubs (airports, subways, train and bus stations), and city streets. K2 Canine trains each PB-EDD to execute single-purpose narcotics, weapons, or explosives searches and to follow the source of an identified target odor wherever it goes, giving security professionals the time they need to analyze, apprehend and interrogate the threat.

Advantages and Opportunities:
• Search up to 150 people per minute
• Choose either narcotics, weapons, or explosives for your PB-EDD
• An eight-week training course for inexperienced handlers is all you need to be operationally effective
• Year round access to our Mobile Training Teams

Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act SealOur PB-EDD Technology was recently awarded the Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation Seal. The Technology detects explosives carried by individuals, e.g., in backpacks and/or clothing, by following the path of air molecules flowing from explosive material on a moving individual.

Click the Seal for additional information on our designation and how this protects our customers by limiting their liability in the event of an incident.

Handler Courses Available