Canine Procurement

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K2 Solutions is actively expanding its Canine Procurement (Breeder) Partnerships. We are always looking to purchase canines capable of meeting the highly-specialized needs of our clientele. We evaluate dogs from across the United States, Canada, and multiple overseas locations for inclusion in our training programs.

We strive to purchase dogs who are between the ages of 9 – 18 months and who possess the following characteristics:

// Self-Confidence // Environmentally-Sound // High Drive // Sociability // Adaptability


We are looking for the following breeds of dogs:

//German Short-Haired Pointer //German Wire-Haired Pointer //Golden Retriever

//Labrador Retriever //Vizsla //Weimaraner //Springer Spaniels


Please fill out the form below to submit your canine for consideration. There is a section to upload supporting documents and we recommend the following: x-rays, vaccination records, heart worm and lime disease records, and EIC documentation (if applicable).

K2 Canine Procurement Application