Client Testimonials

[su_quote cite=”Eddie Valadez, San Francisco (CA)“]“My name is Eddie Valadez and along with my family live in the SF. Bay Area. I am writing to share with you that our family adopted K-9 USMC Sgt. Taker P457 just won the National Lois Pope a Hero Dog Award for Military Service. During our interview opportunities, I never failed to mention that K-9 Taker and my son Kevin trained at K-2 solutions. In fact, just recently I connected with retired Lt. Col. Kenneth Burger who managed the Labrador program for the USMC. K-2 Solutions, I will wrap up with a “Thank You” for the training you provided for USMC K9 Taker P457 and my son Sgt. Kevin Zuniga. The fact that they are together after Honorable Military Service is a testament to your training program.
Today March 9, 2018, K-9 Taker, my son Kevin, and I will be on live T.V. 9:30 am. ( KTVU fox2 SF. Bayarea) to discuss Taker and his Lois Pope Hero Award. This Tuesday March 12, 2018 is National K-9 Veterans Day.”


[su_quote cite=”K9 Deputy D.M. Sparnroft, Appomattox County Sheriff’s Office (VA)“]“The training that I have received during the 5-week MPC course is second to none in my opinion. K2 has extremely large, modern, and clean training facilities and the staff are excellent. All K2 staff have been professional, welcoming, and make the student feel right at home. The K2 K9 Instructor was very knowledgeable and has real world experience as a law enforcement K-9 handler which is absolutely invaluable when training other law enforcement K-9 teams. In addition, K2 has access to a wide variety of environments that exposes the K-9 to the many different scenarios that they could possibly face, which makes for a stronger team. It was also refreshing to be trained to a level that not only meets certification standards but also exceeds them. In a world where “good enough” is the unfortunate norm, it is nice to be challenged to excel and truly be the best that you can possibly be. K2 has far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend them to any agency for K-9 training or K-9 purchasing. ”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”OFC/K9 Matt Huntingford, Nags Head PD“]“My experience at K2 was nothing but a positive one, the facilities, the instructors and staff were first class.  My dog and I were exposed to as much real world training as possible in a training class.  Everything was exceptionally run and organized and our trainer went above and beyond what was required to help me and my dog reach the level where we can go back to work and be a productive team.  We will very likely be returning to K2 for future K9’s for our program.”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Deputy J. Carpenter Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office 829 Cambridge, MD 21613“]“As a first time handler, there was so much I didn’t know about being a K-9 handler.  I didn’t know what to expect in K-9 training, other than to be overwhelmed with the bonding of a new partner and the extensive and never ending training. After a short 5 weeks in K2 Canine Training Center’s MPC course, Agi and I now have what we need to hit the ground running. The staff was extremely helpful and encouraging along the way. The K2 trainers were very knowledgeable and it was great to learn from trainers with previous Law Enforcement K-9 handling experience!”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Officer Carl Rodrigues, Morrisville Police, North Carolina“]“After retirement of my police K9, I started searching for somewhere to purchase a new K9.  After reviewing and talking to 6 different businesses I chose K2 Solutions Inc. for the purchase of a multi-purpose K9 and a 5 week handler course.  After completing the course, I can say it is the best course I have attended in my 7 years of working a K9.
On arrival I immediately felt welcomed and was treated like a member of the K2 family.  Everyone I interacted with was very nice and by the end of the class I consider them to be friends.  The housing accommodations are absolutely great.  By far the best of any training course I have attended, and the training is top notch.  My instructor was a former Police K9 handler who understood the logistics and requirements needed to actually work a dog on the streets.  He brought a level of understanding and experience that made training as realistic as possible.  We conducted real tracks on the sides of the road, crossing over roads, and going through neighborhoods with real distractions like dogs in private yards, people walking by, cars passing by and even wildlife like squirrels and birds that would distract a K9 that is only exposed to tracks on a grass field.  We conducted group obedience with our K9s and could leave them sitting next to each other without concern of any dog aggression.  We conducted real life scenario based deployments and narcotic searches that can only come from an instructor who has handled a K9 in the field and has walked the walk.
To sum it up, if you are looking for a police K9 and all you want to do is meet certification standards then look elsewhere.  But if you want a police K9 that will exceed those standards and you are willing to put in the work and learn, then K2 Solutions Inc. should be at the top of your list.  Meet or exceed standards, the choice is yours.”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Billy L. Smith, Sr., NNDDA, Roswell, GA“]“The physical facilities are beyond anything I have seen including U.S. Customs Front Royal and DoD San Antonio. I observed several narcotic teams who I would classify as very ‘reliable.’ If you are contemplating contacting a vendor for a canine, I would recommend K2 Solutions without reservations.”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”James Clemmons, Jr. Sheriff, Richmond County“]“It’s a great honor to have these young men working in a specialized area. Working with a K-9 is a challenge because you are married to the agency. They are always on call. We have four K-9 handlers. It’s a greater asset to the agency to have K2 in the county for advice, training and leadership. K2 provides a great opportunity for Law Enforcement that are interested in having a K-9 unit.”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Chad Shue, Sergeant, Foxfire Village, NC Police Department’s Canine Unit“]“[Our Canine Unit] is a huge asset to the county and this course is a great way for us to maintain it. I am learning a lot of problem-solving techniques and I am getting feedback from a third party perspective. You don’t always know what you’re doing – just like anything else, what works today might not work next year. You need the experience of master trainers who can troubleshoot problems. If I do have a problem, all I have to do is make a phone call or come down to the facility. I’ve never called out to K2 and not been able to get an answer to a question. They’re also great about checking up on us. Many of the K2 Trainers live right here in Foxfire and they’ve extended an invitation to me to come to their homes if I need additional help. They get to know us on a personal level, even coming to the funeral of one of our former chiefs – the professional part is important, but they go beyond that.”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Robert Williams, Supervisor, Southern Pines, NC Police Canine Unit“]“The program [at K2] fits with the policing side of canine work and the information that I obtain as a supervisor will easily transfer back to my work with our five other Handler teams. I can feel confident in what I’m teaching our teams and know that our dogs and Handlers are properly trained. But it doesn’t stop there. The networking and partnerships I have developed with K2 allow me to make a phone call when I can’t quite figure out a certain situation. I think all departments should visit K2 to see their resources and meet the Trainers – once you do that, you’ll realize that the knowledge and resources here are going to better your program. The thing I didn’t really expect is the amount of professionalism that all the Trainers possess. They know that this is not just about training dogs – it’s about actually developing the Handler, the Trainer and the program. They wear the K2 shirt proudly, take a true interest in your program and believe in what they’re doing. I’ve been a lot of places and you don’t always find that with other companies.”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Chris Strickland, Detective, Laurinburg, NC Police Department“]“I enjoyed coming to the handler class. I’ve been handling since 1998. I’ve a lot of different kennels and a lot of different trainers. I was impressed with the environment and the way they [the trainers] handled themselves while teaching class. They are very knowledgeable about everything that you need to know about handling a police canine. I’ve never seen a kennel built this way [with] as many rooms…and the cleanliness that they have here. Like I said, I’ve seen several kennels over the years…and this would be the top one that I have looked at. It was a real joy working with all the MPC guys.”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”James Munger, Officer, Laurinburg, NC Police Department“]“I thoroughly enjoyed the handler course. I’ve been handling…going on two and a half years…I feel like they have a great program here. It’s a stern but relaxed program that’s very conducive to learning. I feel like my abilities have expanded three-fold, if not more than what they were before…I am leaving with a level of confidence that I didn’t have when I got here. I enjoyed not only the onsite kennel, but the amount of training areas that they have. It was so much better than having a dog training in one particular area at all times. [K2] has so many different resources that they’ve accumulated and [that] makes it very good for training…it keeps the dogs on their toes. I really appreciate the program…[as well as] the amount of thought and the amount of professionalism that they’ve shown since I’ve been here. You work hard, but you look forward to the next day.”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”John T. Evans, Chief, Laurinburg, NC Police Department“]“I [was] introduced to K2 on a whim. We have been looking—for the last 10 months—for good canines because I knew I had to replace one. And we saw several companies and demonstrations…but, I’m picky. I used to be a canine handler and I know what to look for. I wasn’t satisfied with anything I saw…On a whim, Detective Strickland came into my office and we started talking about K2… I said ‘Go see what they’ve got.’” Next thing I know, we’ve got a contract and my people are up here training. So, I’ve been really impressed with everything. They brought the dogs back [to me] and introduced them to me, and I was impressed…Listening to the handlers talk—one said his dog was smarter than he was! I came up and took a tour of the facility. I was super impressed with how clean it was and how professional it was. Well worth the money.”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Matthew C. Owen, Deputy, Transylvania County, NC Sheriff’s Office“]“You were right when you said we would excel in tracking. Just got through with about the 20th successful track this morning- out of all we have done, only one has got away from us and a vehicle picked him up. Ferex still impresses me daily and his narcotics abilities are constantly impressing me, he has had a multitude of seizures of drugs and cash. Once again thanks for everything- you all produced one hell of a canine!”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Luellan Hoffman, Director of Exhibits, National Defense Industrial Association“]“K2 Solutions, Inc. bomb dogs were integrated into our overall security program which covered the entire Tampa Convention Center. From the beginning the K2 Solutions employees were very responsive and proactive in connecting with us to work with the different groups of security for this year’s SOFIC event. Among the groups involved were the Tampa Police Department, USSOCOM Security and the Tampa Convention Center in-house security team. The dogs were very impressive, highly trained and did an outstanding job of searching the entire building for explosives. The handlers were attentive, polite and very knowledgeable in sweeping the building each day, yet kept a low profile in their mission.”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Perrye K. Turner, FBI, Special Agent-In-Charge“]“Let me take this opportunity to extend my deepest appreciation to you and your personnel for assisting us in our counter-terrorism efforts during this year’s Kentucky Oaks and Derby events. With the recent events in Boston and the utilization of improvised explosive device (IED), your agency provided a unique and remarkable service for venue security with the two PB-EDD Canine Teams… The canine’s abilities and training allowed them to scan thousands of civilians efficiently and unobtrusively…The PB-EDDs and their handlers performed well and were highly acclaimed by LMPD as well as Churchill Downs Security personnel. Most impressive was their steadfast resolve to their duty during some inclement weather.”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=” IDD Staff Advocate, 2/9 Marines“]”Although face with many challenges, K2 Trainers] pushed through each challenge through acknowledgement of handler feedback, adaptation to the available training sites aboard Camp Lejeune, acquisition of Locally-sourced target odors, and a constant display of expertise in the handling of IDDs. [Their] support did not stop with the training evolution. [K2 Trainers] were consummate professionals and performed their duties as Field Service Representatives in an exemplary manner while conducting the prescribed training evolution and are therefore highly deserving of recognition for their hard work and tireless efforts.” [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Yuma Proving Ground Veterinary Staff“]“I am writing to inform you of my initial impressions of K2 Solutions, Inc. I’m one of the veterinarians at Yuma Proving Ground (YPG), and I have seen many TEDD groups arrive with the previous vendor. The first group of TEDDs to come through YPG arrived on Monday, April 1st. There is already a noticeable improvement with the dogs. In the past, the dogs arrived underweight and dirty. Dog weight is assessed on a body composition score (BCS) from 1-9 with 1/9 being emaciated and 9/9 being morbidly obese. As veterinarians, we like to see these dogs as a 5/9. The TEDDs of the past averaged a 4/9, with some dogs being as low as a 3/9. These dogs on Monday arrived much healthier; I would give them a 5/9. There was only one dog that was underweight at a 4.5/9. Even this dog was not that underweight when compared to the TEDDs of the past. I attribute this increase in healthy dogs to the attentiveness at the kennels thanks to your company. The dogs did not smell, did not have any evidence of skin or any other health issues. They were clean, well groomed and maintained. I would like to comment on the professionalism of the staff. My initial impression of your staff is that they are very professional. I was impressed by their appearance and demeanor. They really seem to care about the dogs and the mission. The handlers appeared to reflect the staff’s professional demeanor, as well. This is a welcomed change. I realize this is soon and things could change in the future, but I just wanted to let you know that at this point I am pleased with the way your company does business.” [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Ron E. Banks, DVM, Office of Animal Welfare Assurance, Duke University“]”Our inspection team was favorably impressed by the demonstrated knowledge of each your staff with whom we interacted, the first class veterinary care facilities resourced by K2, the on-site skilled personnel both caring for and working with the canines enrolled in K2 activities, the well-maintained on-site veterinary care facilities, the attention to detail in the animal housing areas, and the well-being of animals. A special note of commendation [K2 Veterinary Staff] who dedicated several hours to our review activities while demonstrating a high caliber of veterinary medical knowledge, large colony management skills, mission dedication, and ethical empathy. The Duke Office of Animal Welfare Assurance extends our commendations to your extraordinary program of animal care & use. The K2 team’s dedication and devotion to the mission as well as the animals was clear and demonstrable. We further commend your skills of assembling a personnel resource pool which exhibited professionalism, knowledge, and ethical standards in the care & use of animal resources. Congratulations on a strong animal care infrastructure and exceptional personnel. Best wishes to K2 for continued success and even greater accomplishments.” [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”3rd LAR Battalion RCT 6, 1st Marine Division“]”K2 Trainers performance greatly exceeded expectations. During the four months that he was assigned to 3d LAR Battalion, [the K2 Trainer] spent more than 1000 man-hours training and working with the sixteen dogs assigned to the battalion. With little regard for his own personal safety, [the K2 Trainer] conducted eight different battlefield circulations via ground convoy to ensure the continued success and effectiveness of the IDDs working in austere and hostile environments. Owing to the hard work and dedication of [the K2 Trainer], the battalion’s IDDs were trained on more than a dozen different explosive scents unique to the 3d LAR Battalion area of operation. [The K2 Trainer’s] initiative, forward thinking, and total dedication to duty were a vital part of the battalion’s counter-IED operations. His outstanding performance has undoubtedly led to saving many Marines lives and limbs.”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Command Southwest Deputy Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Officer“]”[The K2 Trainer] conducted Reception, Staging, Onward-movement & Integration (RSO&I) training for all IDD teams in theater and acted as a liaison between the US and United Kingdom IDD Program. He maintained communication between K2 Solutions and the IDD Program Manager while continuously advising the PM as the subject matter expert on all things dog related. His coordination with the Vet kept dogs operational, healthy, and secure from the rigors of operations in Afghanistan. [The K2 Trainer’s] persistent dedication to supporting the RC’s mission objectives and operations in a combat zone resulted in over 4,500 successful IDD mission hours to include numerous IED finds/confirmations. He completed his combat tour without a loss of Marine handlers of dogs. [The K2 Trainer] was an invaluable asset to the IDD Program (Fwd) never hesitating to sacrifice convenience for mission accomplishment.” [/su_quote]