Stand-Off Detection

Improvised Explosive Device Detection Program for the Dogs

K2 Canine’s remarkable Stand-Off Detection Dog (SODD) help keep their handlers out of harms way by performing off-leash searches for target odor at distances of up to 300 meters away from its handler.  This off-leash detection capability allows for a more efficient, thorough and safe search of any required area.

The Stand-Off Detection Dog’s unmatched detection capabilities, superior directional control and obedience are the ultimate tool for the most dangerous situations. These off-leash canines search buildings, roadways, vehicles, objects, culverts or anywhere else they are deployed to detect explosives, weapons, narcotics and other substances as required.

Over 600 Stand-Off Detection Canines Trained to Certification
K2 has trained over 600 Stand-Off Detection Canines to certification for various military and law enforcement agencies all over the world.
Over 900 Stand-Off Detection Canine Handler Teams Trained to Certification
K2 has trained over 900 Stand-Off Detection Canine Handler Teams that have deployed to various hostile and austere environments worldwide.  K2 has also deployed Field Service Representatives (FSR’s) with the certified canine handler teams to provide technical support while in theater.
K2 Stand-Off Detection Benefits
Training process builds superior search independence and odor commitment while allowing handler to maintain control. Cutting-edge off-leash imprinting process specific to K2 Stand-off Detection Dogs. Allows the handler to remain a safe distance away from danger. Ability to conduct an efficient and thorough search on or off-leash
Customized Training Options
Our experts in off-leash training and detection can customize the training of our canines to meet any client specific needs, we also offer handler or trainer training. We offer the flexibility to custom make the canine to meet the client’s needs and the ability to produce a large number of canines. We also offer classes to teach handlers how to utilize their off-leash dogs and how to utilize the e-collar
Unmatched Past Performance and Experience
The Marine Corps selected K2 in 2009 to train the majority of their Improvised Explosive Device Detector Dogs (IDDs) and Handlers. IDDs work off-leash in front of the troops to find hidden and buried IEDs. As a result of the work of hundreds of IDD Teams in Afghanistan, countless Marines came home unscathed by IED attacks.
Leader in Canine Research and Development
K2 keeps the Stand-Off Detection Dog on the cutting edge of canine detection science by maintaining key strategic and academic partnerships and integrating the Stand-Off Detection Dog with the latest, cutting-edge technologies

Because of the military drawdown in Afghanistan, the Marine Corps has placed many of these highly trained dogs with Law Enforcement agencies around the United States. Unfortunately, Handler Training was not part of the hand-off. That’s where K2 comes in. We are currently offering Stand-Off Detection Handler Courses to men and women who have an Improvised Explosive Device Detector Dog but have not been trained in how to best utilize them in a Law Enforcement Setting.


Handler Courses Available