Homemade Explosives (HME) Course

Course Description:
The canine professionals and HME chemists at K2 Solutions, Inc. have developed a course for handler teams in order to imprint the canine on the triacetone triperoxide (TATP) odors as well as the Tactics, Techniques & Procedures that accompany HME detection. Our program has a specialized exercise to rank each reagent in terms of use and accessibility by terrorists both foreign and domestic. TATP is the most accessible and most-used explosive by terrorists because its precursors can be purchased in pure form. It’s also highly unstable with a high detonation velocity, making it an efficient – and lethal – explosive.

Terrorists are going to use what is accessible to them in the commercial market and we need to aggressively focus on that chemical space. HME material accessibility allow threats to exist both locally and abroad.

The goal of the training course is to imprint the canine on TATP odor and to maintain a safe environment for the end-user by identifying environmental threats. Teams will receive imprinting on live TATP in a controlled environment with confirmation exercises.

Please contact our Canine Training Center for more information (910) 652-3645

2020 HME Courses

February 18 – February 20

March 17 – March 19

April 21 – April 23

May 19 – May 21

June 23 – June 25

July 21 – July 23

August 18 – August 20

September 15 – September 17

October 20 – October 22

November 17 – November 19

December 8 – December 11