Single Purpose Handler Training Course

The Single Purpose Handler Course is a 4-week course of specialized instruction, designed to provide the K9 handler with with a highly trained canine well versed in all detection related tasks. This course emphasizes instruction in either explosive or narcotic detection. Upon graduation of this course, the K9 Team will successfully complete a rigorous evaluation; receive a certificate of completion; and have the opportunity for third party nationally accredited certification.

Expected Course Outcomes:

  • Proper handling of a Single Purpose Canine; to include utilizing the best detection techniques and patterns to search open areas, vehicles, buildings, freight, luggage, and optional areas
  • Maintain control of their canine through obedience, which is instructed throughout the course
  • Agility training for K9 Team physical conditioning and bond
  • K9 and Handler safety and risk mitigation
  • Basic K9 care and wellness instruction conducted by a K2 Veterinarian
      • This includes:
      • grooming;
      • learning to recognize illness and disease;
      • general sanitation;
      • disease control;
      • identification of internal and external parasites;
      • administration of medications and basic first aid;
      • how to conduct Canine Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR);
      • feeding/nutrition and disinfection of equipment;
  • K2 specific and proven training methodology and techniques
  • Safe handling, storage, security and transportation of explosives and/or narcotics
  • Documentation and record keeping for data collection; identify training deficiencies and track corrective actions

Train the Trainer (SP-EDD)

2020 Courses

11 May – 5 June
21 September – 9 October