Dual-Purpose Canine (Patrol K-9) Handler Course

The Dual-Purpose Canine (K-9) Handler Course is a 4-week course of specialized instruction, designed to provide the Patrol K-9 Handler with a highly-trained canine well-versed in all detection, tracking/trailing, or apprehension/controlled aggression related tasks. This course emphasizes instruction for Law Enforcement Officers to prepare them for successful deployment of their working dog. Upon graduation of this course, the K-9 Team will successfully complete a rigorous evaluation, receive a certificate of completion, and have the opportunity for third-party nationally-accredited certification.

Expected Course Outcomes:

  • Proper handling of a Dual Purpose Canine; to include utilizing the best detection techniques and patterns to search open areas, vehicles, buildings, freight, luggage, and optional areas
  • Maintain control of their canine through obedience, which is instructed throughout the course
  • Tracking/trailing capability for application
  • Proper deployment of canine for evidence and article search
  • Agility training for K9 Team physical conditioning and bond
  • K9 and Handler safety and risk mitigation
  • Basic K9 care and wellness instruction conducted by a K2 Veterinarian
  • Documentation and record keeping for data collection; identify training deficiencies and track corrective actions

2020 Dual Purpose Canine Handler Courses

9 March- 10 April