Decoy Seminar

When it comes to bite work having a talented decoy can have a huge impact on your training. The majority of bite work is taught by the decoy, not the handler.
Working with a good decoy who understands proper techniques and can effectively communicate with your dog is one of the most important aspects to having a successful patrol dog.
In this seminar decoys will focus on:

  • Bite sleeve presentations
  • Properly absorb the impact of a canines bite
  • Analyzing canine behavior
  • Introducing canines to new bite equipment
  • Agitation techniques focusing on drives such as; Pray, Defense, Fight, Flight
  • Civil work

Handler seminar (bite work)
To be a successful canine handler there must be a mutual respect between dog and man. To achieve this, we teach the dog to WANT to do his job.
In this seminar handlers will learn:

  • Off-leash training
  • Fast recalls
  • Solid obedience with decoy present
  • Problem solving techniques

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